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What we offer

A Society helps consultants to act within the flexible labor market, at the same time we increase their possibility to succeed and network. At the same time, customers are sourced based on their needs with the right competence and volume.

hiring400x400Strategic competence

A Society is a competent partner for companies and organizations in need of strategic compentence sourcing.

We attach great importance in solving our customers' competence needs of specialists and ensuring that the right person, with the right competence, is in the right place as soon as possible.

We make it possible for our customers to engage consultants on a flexible basis and help our consultants and customers to succeed and reach their goals in the flexible labor market.

Our definition of "network" and "to network" differs a lot from others.

We at A Society are active in controlling and influencing how our network continues to grow.


Quality assurance

A Society works proactively with associating consultants and suppliers who now, and in the future, can be integral in our customers' success. We attach great importance to quality assurance from several aspects such as formal skills, experience, references, personal qualities, security and compliance with the customer's stipulated supplier terms.

We always want to deliver more. We don’t just send a bunch of résumés when it's time – we are confident in claiming that we are certain to provide a more thorough research than most. The (few) candidates that reach you are equally skilled and competent; the perfect match for you.

We at A Society are experts in finding unique competence and quickly understand how they can contribute to customer success. This allows our customers to focus on their core business while we will deliver the right specialists or resources for their projects.


Global and independent consultant network

Our global and independent network of experts and specialists is one of our greatest strengths. We build long-term relationships with both customers as well as self-employed  small business owners and partners around the world. We provide our global customers with skilled consultants on a daily basis. With offices in Sweden, Denmark, UK, the United States, Canada, and India, we are based where our customers are located. We are constantly developing our capabilities and grow our network to meet our customer’s demands on delivery and expertise.


Competent interfaces

We are highly knowledgeable in our client’s businesses, technology, processes and practices. Add to that negotiations, frame agreements, legislation and problem solving, we provide a compelling proposition based on our careful selection process and solid quality assurance. Our processes are well developed and meet our customers’ tough demands.

We proactively connect our consultants and suppliers in order to generate success for our customers, now and in the future. Our definition of "network" and "to network" differ a lot from others. We assist our consultants in navigating the flexible labor market and take deliberate steps to increase their possibilities to succeed and expand their own network.

We work for you. It is of great importance to understand your demands and requirements as well as ensure the quality of the assignment. A Society are experts in finding unique skills and quickly understand how they can contribute to the customer’s success. This allows our customers to focus on their core business while we deliver the right specialists or resources for their projects.

About the GIG economy

The employment market is transitioning into to a flexible one, based on temporary gigs/assignments. Employers seek flexibility in their commitments regardless of the form of employment of the work force. Competences may be acquired based on current needs. The GIG-economy presents greater freedom of choice and more independence for those equipped with special skills or knowledge.

We are the flexible labor market’s gathering place and meeting point for independent or employed consultants and currently engage 1200 consultants world wide.

We maximize the benefits of the flexible labor market for consultants and clients alike. Our main task is finding the perfect match between consultants and customers. Our business model is simple and transparent and supports our offer of being a gathering place and providing stable financial transactions in order to secure employees who work with action and passion.


How can I benefit as a customer?

Free competition leads to greater selection, a better match, flexibility and independence. Access to specialists or experts may be hard to find and costly to hire. Consultants in the flexible labor market are often specialists and experts in their field, and often benefit from having acquired knowledge from a variety of assignments and work environments elsewhere.



Make sure you are an attractive workplace for the flexible labor market. That way you will gain a good reputation as employer within the consultants’ community, and attract the most skilled workers.