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A Society's whistleblower procedure

Why whistleblow?

At the A Society Group, we strive to have an open and transparent workplace, where wrongdoing does not occur. In the event of wrongdoing within our organization, we therefore urge you to report these through our whistleblowing channel. Our whistleblowing channel enables confidential communication with us where you can anonymously report misconduct without risking retaliation. 

We use Visslan’s whistleblower solution as the main reporting channel for wrongdoings, which ensures your anonymity and high security.


Who can report misconduct?

The reporting channels may be used by individuals who have a work-based relationship with a company within the A Society Group. 

You can report and receive protection from national legislation if you are an employee, volunteer, trainee, active shareholder, person who is otherwise available for work under our control and management or is part of our administrative, management or supervisory body.


What can you report?

The reporting should only concern actual or suspected wrongdoings within the A Society Group that have a public interest in their emergence, in accordance with the so-called Whistleblower Act.

We therefore ask you not to report issues related to personal dissatisfaction in the workplace or the like, and instead refer you to other established routines for such matters. Please see below a few examples of wrongdoings that may be reported:

  • Deliberately incorrect accounting, internal accounting control or other financial crime.
  • Incidence of theft, corruption, vandalism, fraud, embezzlement or hacking.
  • If someone is exposed to very serious forms of discrimination or harassment.
  • Other serious misconduct concerning the A Society Group’s vital interests.

What happens after a report has been submitted?

Reports will be investigated by a designated investigation team, consisting of the whistleblowing function established at Danir AB, which is the parent company of the A Society Group.
Once you have submitted a report through the whistleblowing channel, you will receive a confirmation that the Investigation Team has received the report within seven days. Please note that the Investigation Team may ask follow-up questions through the encrypted chat function during the course of the investigation. Therefore, save your 16-digit code (which you will receive in connection with submitting your report) securely so that you can ensure future access to your case.
You will receive feedback within three months with information on which follow-up/measures that have been planned or taken place due to the reporting.
 Through the link below, you may report wrongdoings confidentially.
Report wrongdoings - Visslan