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A unique finance department

Finance och Service Management

Our goal is to provide excellent service and high quality in all levels of our business. For our department this means creating 100% correct invoices, give fast and accurate responses, and offer timely support and advice. As a result we have consistently high quality index record. In the year 2020, we reached a quality index of 99,52% - a figure we are extremely proud of!


The finance department is often forgotten when it comes to relations with customers and suppliers. At A Society we believe that all functions have a role to play and have a great impact on the overall experience and the willingness to continue to do business.


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Unique finance department

It is all about providing high level of service consistently at all levels, from offering the best consultant for the assignment to sending a correct invoice, from holding a professional interview to supporting the consultant in the administration of time reporting and invoicing.

By managing the business with a high level of professionalism, we contribute to consistent growth of the company and ensure its development. That's what makes us a unique finance department!


What do the consultants say about us?

"It´s you who set the standard when it comes to customer service"

"Everything flows 100%. Always!"

"Brilliant service and fast feed-back"

"Very good service that exceed my expectations"

"Flexible, fast, nice and knowledgeable"

"They have not only pointed out when something is wrong, but also come up with solutions"

"Modern and efficient finance management"

"They have not only pointed out when something is wrong, but also come up with solutions"

FAQ for consultants on assignment

Our goal is to offer good service and high quality at all levels of business. In our case, this means creating 100% correct invoices, giving personal replies as soon as possible by phone/e-mail and assisting with support and advice. Here you can find answers to the most common questions we get.

Do you have any questions?

What does payment terms +5 days mean?

How do I know that my invoice has been received?

What is your "bankgiro" number?

When do I get paid?

Do you have examples of invoice templates?

What is your billing address?

What time in month should I send my invoice?

Do I need to be registered for F-tax?

What do cost components mean?

What should I do with receipts that belong to my cost components?

What is A Society's organization number?

What does Pay-when-paid mean?

Do you collaborate with any factoring company?

How do I charge travel time?

What does selfbilling mean?

How should I report time?

Do you have a time reporting template?

Can I invoice allowances?

What is your VAT registration number?

How does Visma PX work?

Can I invoice overtime?


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