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Why A Society?

We at A Society address the most skilled consultants in the flexible labor market. We are also the most skilled consulting company for catering to our  consultants’ needs. With us, you can be self-employed or belong to a consulting company.  Retain the freedom that you appreciate and be part of a large eco-system at the same time.


The most skillful competence

Focusing entirely on the success of our consultants, A Society provides assignments that support professional and financial success, matching competence and desired volume of work. We react on an increasingly agile and fast paced labor market by gathering flexible competence and connecting with professional customers.


We are proactive in connecting consultants and suppliers that can create great importance to our customers' success, both now and in the future. Our definition of "network" and "to network" differs a lot from others. We help our consultants to act within the flexible labor market while increasing their possibilities to succeed and network at the same time.


We work for you. We realize the importance of your personal development and always find the types of assignments that support it. We put a lot of effort into making sure that the quality of the assignment match relevant factors such as formal skills, experience, references, personality and social skills, as well as security and compliance with customer supplier terms. We have created a meeting point and eco-system for self-employed consultants to create and nurture long lasting relations.

•Connect, network and collaborate with other consultants at our  consultant workspaces in Gothenburg and Jonkoping.

•Most people like a sense of belonging. Our gathering-place promotes self-development and finding opportunities.

A large network is invaluable for self-employed consultants or small consulting firms. The A Society gathering place is synonymous with meeting and interacting with other consultants. It gives you a sense of belonging to a large organisation.

We act as your sales channel. You can focus fully on providing your skills, while we take care of finding your next assignment. 

•We know the in’s and out’s of large companies and have processes in place to manage frame agreements and billing. We will happily assist you with administration and other issues so that you can fill your time with what’s important in your life.

You are important to us and we are looking forward to create some magic together!


About the GIG-economy

The employment market is transitioning into to a flexible one, based on temporary gigs/assignments. Employers seek flexibility in their commitments, regardless of the form of employment of the work force. Competences may be acquired based on current need. The GIG-economy presents greater freedom of choice and more independence for those equipped with special skills or knowledge.

We are the gathering place for independent or employed consultants and currently engage 1200 consultants world wide.

We make sure that consultants and customers alike reap the maximum benefits of the flexible labor force. Our task is to find a perfect match between consultant and customer, using a simple and fully transparent process and business model. We provide our consultants with a network, a support system and stable financial transactions that are handled by a dedicated contact person.

Being a consultant

Whether you are a member of a consulting company or self-employed, the flexible employment market provides plenty of opportunities as well as challenges for those appreciating the flexible lifestyle it entails.

Your work, your choice

Companies across the board are obliged to reevaluate the work environment that they provide in order to gain a good reputation as employer and client. You are provided with an opportunity to deepen and broadening the areas of competence that you are attracted to.