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Skapad 13e Jun 2019

Merger between A Society AB and A Society Consulting AB

We prepare for future expansion and growth of A Society AB and A Society Consulting AB and have thus come to a conclusion that these two companies will benefit from a merger. A plan for the merger has been established and A Society AB intends to apply for the implementation of the merger plan in a near future.



The merger acts as a strategic advantage and enables efficient workflows that will be beneficial for both employees and customers. The merged company will be better equipped for future development of the flexible labor market. With an increased ability to provide leading specialists with their dream assignments and filling identified competence needs that customers are struggling with, the merged company will continue to lead our stakeholders to their success.

“The merger of our companies has been an exciting and successful journey and I am so grateful that it is going so smoothly. We are uniting competent colleagues, we see a continued high growth rate and recently we started five new market initiatives such as the development of the new business areas; Life Science, Finance and Civil; and the foundation of our business in India and England. This feels great and the expectations for the future are high!”, says Jeanette Rumenius, CEO of A Society Consulting AB & Deputy CEO of A Society AB.

Thomas Goréus, CEO & President of A Society AB says: “Now we take the last steps towards merging the A Society companies into one company in Sweden. For our consultants, partners and customers, this means that it becomes easier to interact with us, that we become a stronger partner and supplier. With all our agreements and relationships in one company, it becomes easier to live up to the term “Glocalness”. Our definition of “Glocalness” is that we operate in a global market where our presence is governed by where our customers are located. Ensuring we stay true to local customs and core values of treasuring building ongoing relationships with our stakeholders”.

CEO, A Society Consulting AB & Deputy CEO, A Society AB:
Jeanette Rumenius, +46 702 89 96 27,

CEO & President, A Society AB:
Thomas Goréus, +46 768-55 99 04, 

Corporate Communication Manager, A Society AB:
Sofie Magnoy, +46 766 26 15 16,