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Skapad 25e Feb 2020

Handling resumes in the consultant login

During 2020 A Society will release some news regarding our consultant login based on feed-back from our consultant network.

On Monday 24th of February we will release a project called “How to handle resumes” in our consultant login.

  • The consultant will now be able to download their resume to their on computer and read the content.
  • When A Society have saved resumes in our database these resumes will also be visible and available for the consultant when they have signed in. Therefore there is a possibility that the portal shows more resumes than the consultant has saved in the portal. E.g. if the consultant has applied for an assignment and attached the resume, this document will be available for the consultant in the portal too.
  • The consultant now has the possibility to administrate all their resumes from the consultant login. If a document is erased from the portal, the document will also be erased from the A Society database.

The next release will cover ”Available assignments”. The consultant will be able to login and see all available assignments (also locked assignments) and be able to apply to an assignment from the portal.

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