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A hub for skilled consultants

A Society provides a platform for techsperts and tech talents at the top of their game. Our employees get access to the most attractive assignments with a wide range of customers. Watch our short film!

Investing in long-term customer relationships is essential, but we also recognize the importance of providing rewarding and challenging careers for our employees.

Our employees are our biggest assets. When you join our team, we will take care of you at all stages of your career. Whether it's to find a new position in the market or further develop your current position, we are here for you. 

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Becoming a Techspert

The Process

Get Headhunted

We are often hired by clients to find talent and to locate individuals who meet specific job requirements. Our strategic sourcing and talent development team are then targeting those who are not actively seeking a new role, but that match the clients' requirements. Headhunting is usually more suitable for hard to fill positions as it involves a much more targeted focus.


Search for Opportunities

Check out our LinkedIn page or Job platform for all open positions. Make sure to submit a resume with current contact information on your application.


Before submitting you to our client, our recruiters will conduct a phone interview to give you more details on the position. This is a good time to ask important questions.


If all qualifications are in line, the recruiter will submit your resume. If selected for an interview, our recruiter will reach out and coordinate with you.


Our recruiters are happy to help with interview prep! Interview rounds vary depending on the client and the different positions.

Follow Up

While you are waiting for a decision we are there to support. We help you follow up with the end client and keep you posted during the process.

Steps Ahead

 If you didn’t get the job, don’t worry. We will work with you to find other opportunities. This is what makes us different from most other companies. If we find someone we believe in, we won’t drop the ball, you have our commitment to support you in the process all the way!

On your way to becoming a TECHSPERT!

If you accepted the job offer, congratulations and warm welcome to A Society. You will get your own mentor and are now on your way to become a Techspert! A Society will begin all onboarding processes. This may be a very simple process or can be more lengthy if you're relocating. Either way we are happy to help you along the way!

Aerospace Engineer

Tyler shares his experience

"A Society was fantastic in providing prompt feedback, setting up all my interviews. They even helped me building up my confidence and to prepare heading into each interview"


A Society has over 600 ongoing aerospace assignments across the globe, providing expert solutions for a wide range of roles, such as manufacturing engineers, quality engineers, test pilots, educators, technicians, and more.

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