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”A-Society gave me the best support I needed when I stepped away from my comfort zone”

Engineering consultants can be resourceful in many ways, depending on the type of project and demand. They can help improve performance, create new designs, improve processes and procedures, check for causes of failure, advise on monitoring and maintenance, advise on materials limitations and benefits, provide equipment advice, help implement health and safety improvements and more to optimize a project. They can save costs and time by using their experience and knowledge to avoid mistakes and delays.

We offer a broad spectrum of Engineering  & IT Consultants within services such as: 

select-1Supplier Development select-1Wiring Harnessing select-1Fullstack Development
select-1Mechanical Design select-1Project Management select-1Software
select-1Manufacturing select-1Testing & Verification select-1Application
select-1Product Development select-1Embedded Software  



Wiring Harness Engineer, ZOOX

How did you first get in contact with A Society?: I was looking for new job opportunities through LinkedIn and found an open position with A Society that matched my profile and less than a day after I applied to the position, I received a phone call from Anna Alex to have an interview with her about this open position they had in Foster City.

What was the employment process like? Take us step-by-step. First I applied in LinkedIn which was really easy (easy apply), next I received communication from Anna Alex to have an interview for the open position I have applied for, next Anna scheduled a meeting with Filip Rosander to discuss more about my experience and profile. Next step was to have an interview with the company involved for the contract position, which is ZOOX. In less than a day after I had the interview with the ZOOX team Anna had an answer for me that I was selected for the job, after that the process was really easy. I received my offer letter and all the instructions and paperwork to fill/follow to be able to get onboard with A Society.

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The software development cycle typically involves stages like planning, design, implementation, testing, deployment, and maintenance. Each phase contributes to the creation and evolution of a software product.

A Society has developed an Software Development Cycle for optimization and cost savings, that we offer in three phases, either sequential or independently:




Questions? Please don't hesitate to get in touch with either of us. 


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Linus Eklund

 IT Delivery Lead