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Direct recruitment

Using A Society can have many advantages for both employers and job seekers. We can help employers find qualified and suitable candidates for their vacancies, saving them time and money. A Society can also help job seekers find opportunities that match their skills, interests and goals, and provide them with guidance and support throughout the hiring process.

Some of the benefits of using our services include:

  • Faster hiring: A Society can speed up the hiring process by having access to a large pool of candidates, using effective screening methods, and handling the administrative tasks such as scheduling interviews, conducting background checks, and negotiating salaries.
  • Higher quality candidates: We can source and attract candidates who have the relevant skills, experience and qualifications for the role, as well as the right fit for the company culture and values. A Society can also reach out to passive candidates who are not actively looking for a job but may be interested in new opportunities.
  • Specialist knowledge: A Society can offer expert advice and insights on the market trends, salary expectations, industry standards, and best practices for hiring in a specific field or sector. We can also help employers and job seekers with legal and compliance issues, such as visas, contracts, and tax regulations.



AUTOMOTIVE - Wiring Harness Engineer for ZOOX

How did you first get in contact with A Society?: I was looking for new job opportunities through LinkedIn and found an open position with A Society that matched my profile and less than a day after I applied to the position, I received a phone call from Anna Alex to have an interview with her about this open position they had in Foster City.

What was the employment process like? Take us step-by-step. First I applied in LinkedIn which was really easy (easy apply), next I received communication from Anna Alex to have an interview for the open position I have applied for, next Anna scheduled a meeting with Filip Rosander to discuss more about my experience and profile. Next step was to have an interview with the company involved for the contract position, which is ZOOX. In less than a day after I had the interview with the ZOOX team Anna had an answer for me that I was selected for the job, after that the process was really easy. I received my offer letter and all the instructions and paperwork to fill/follow to be able to get onboard with A Society.

In what ways did A Society help you get onboarded by ZOOX? All the information and help provided was clear and quick, Anna did an amazing job with the interviews, then Barbara and Philip did an amazing job with the onboarding process, I needed to get my VISA and move from my current area to Foster City and A society helped me with all this process.

How long were you employed with A Society before Zoox offered you full-time employment? I was employed for 1 year at A Society (Jan 2022 to Jan 2023) ZOOX made their intentions clear about offering me an FTE since I was only 6 months in the company.

In what ways did A Society help make that happen? A Society gave me the opportunity I was looking for "a fresh start", I received the confidence and support from all the team to represent them all with a great company like ZOOX, sometimes what we need is just the opportunity to prove you can achieve and deliver great things and A Society did that for me.

Luis Chacon

Luis Chacon, Wiring Harness Engineer ZOOX, Palo Alto



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