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United States

Electronics & Embedded Systems

In the race for the next generation battery, lithium-ion, solid-state and lithium-silicon technology will continue to progress. Many companies are investing heavily to identify new technologies to make it possible to increase battery life while reducing battery costs. The current development of hybrid-electric vehicles (HEV) and electric vehicles (EV) has accelerated innovation and enhanced efficiency in electric motor controls, power conversion, and battery management systems. However, the algorithms driving these systems require continuous upgrades and design changes to optimize performance.

A Society has experience in research and development of power electronics, control electronics and electrical engineering. We can port algorithms to embedded/HW platforms - ASIC/FPGA/DSPs. We are skilled in hardware design for mass production, cost optimization, PCB layout design, circuit simulation, coding and required testing. A Society has experience managing complicated projects as well as simple workshop activities and prototype building.

Filip Rosander, Head of Automotive & Mobility North America,