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United States

Autonomous Systems

The fast evolution of ADAS/AD applications poses a unique challenge demanding power efficiency and real-time information processing. Several systems help the self-driving vehicle to control the vehicle. Systems that need improvement include the vehicle navigation system, the location system, the electronic map, the map matching, the global path planning, the environment perception, the laser perception, the radar perception, the visual perception, the vehicle control, the perception of vehicle speed and direction, and the vehicle control method.

We have experience from working with different sensors, such as LiDAR, IR, Radar, Camera, in different combinations depending on type of application.

Many advanced safety systems require ISO26262 and other related functional safety certifications. Today, integrating functional safety into control electronics and system architecture is challenging for manufacturers.

A Society offers expertise in lane detection, collision avoidance, communication systems, video and image processing, free-space-to -drive, object detection/recognition, traffic-sign recognition, motion-object-detection, surround-view-monitoring, fusion with radars for adaptive cruise control.

Filip Rosander, Head of Automotive & Mobility North America,

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