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What we do

A Society Group helps companies finding the best developers & engineers in the market.

A Society Group offers 3 types of services:
Do you want to boost your career or business with the help of a tech company that cares about your success? If so, you are in the right place.



"A Society was fantastic in providing prompt feedback and setting up all my interviews. They even helped me building up my confidence and to prepare heading into each interview" Manufacturing Engineer, Aerospace

A Society has over 600 ongoing aerospace assignments across the globe, providing expert solutions for a wide range of roles, such as manufacturing engineers, quality engineers, test pilots, educators, technicians, and more.

Learn about Tyler’s role as a Manufacturing Engineer at A Society.




"A Society gave me the opportunity I was looking for "a fresh start". I received the confidence and support from the entire team to represent them all with a great client. Sometimes, all we need is an opportunity to prove that we can achieve and deliver great things, and A Society did that for me." Wiring Harness Engineer, Automotive

A Society matched Luis with a client in less than a day after he applied to a position. 

Explore Luis’s journey as a Wiring Harness Engineer at A Society.


"Professional Team always dedicated and efficient" Supplier Quality Engineer, A Society

A Society Group is dedicated to creating a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace that supports the retention and development of top-notch developers & engineers.

Our recruiters are using various channels and platforms to reach out to a diverse pool of candidates, such as social media, job boards, referrals, networking events, and community organizations.

A Society Group offers mentoring, training, recognition, and career advancement opportunities to its employees and partners. A Society Group also fosters a sense of community and connection among its members through various events, workshops, and social activities.

Find out how A Society won a prestigious award.



Who we are

It’s no longer just tech companies competing against one another for candidates. New industries have entered the arena and are winning a larger share of tech talent.

A Society Group started the journey in 2011 with a simple vision: to create a platform that connects tech talent with the most relevant and exciting job opportunities, while also offering personalized guidance, support, and training.

Discover how Xalli thrives as a Supplier Development Engineer at A Society.





Investing in long-term customer relationships is essential, but we also recognize the importance of providing rewarding and challenging careers for our employees.

Our consultants are our biggest assets. When you join our team we will take care of you at all stages of your career. Whether it's to find a new position in the market or further develop your current position, we are here for you. 

"A Society has provided me with a platform to excel. They supported me in taking the next step in my career."

Prathibha Prabhakaran

Consultant, Program Manager

"A Society goes beyond contract management. They helped me move to another country to work as an engineer."

Xalli Bezares

Consultant, Supplier Development Engineer

"A Society is very keen on supporting their staff and is always helpful when needed. They are quick to respond. "

Eli Lozada

Consultant, Sr. Verification Engineer

"The A Society I have worked with has made both my professional and social life enjoyable. Well done A Society!"

Saul Silverberg

Consultant, Drive Performance Engineer

"A Society provides freedom and flexibility to grow beyond my limits. I am so thankful for the A Society team. "

Sergey Myasnikov

Consultant, Embedded Software Engineer

A Society Worldwide

A Society Group is a part of the Danir Group, a global organization with 13,000 employees and a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions across various industries and sectors.

Danir's entrepreneur-driven and decentralised leadership plays an important role in the group's subsidiary groups being so successful. Danir encourage local drive and energy in order to create the success that makes us stable, reliable and strong. 

Our global and independent network of experts and specialists is one of our greatest strengths. We build long-term relationships with both customers and partners around the world. We provide our global customers with skilled consultants on a daily basis.

We are a global supplier on the terms of the local markets, we call it "Glocalness"!

Learn how Volvo leverages A Society’s Tech Talent program to achieve its goals.