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United States

About us

A Society is a next-generation consulting company within the consultant market that provide consultants, at the top of their game, access to the most attractive assignments within IT, technology, R&D and Management.


Who we are?

A Society is the consulting company of tomorrow, providing freelancers, consultants and partners in the consultant market access to the most attractive assignments in the marketplace. The workforce of tomorrow values freedom, while also appreciating basic job security as well as a strong sense of community and connection to a network. We want to maximize the advantages of the consultant market for consultants and clients alike. We are passionate about our vision and maximize every individual’s capability to perform. Every relationship is unique and has to be treated as such in order to keep the passion alive.


The right consultant for the assignment

A Society helps consultants to act within the consultant market, and at the same time as we increase their possibilities to succeed and network. A Society provides a supportive platform in order to maximize our consultant’s possibilities to thrive within the consultant market. We stay at the forefront of the fast-changing consultancy service market. To consultants, employment is no longer the only way to succeed. We are able to address consultants independently of how they have chosen to realize their dreams, be it as an employee, a partner in a small niche-company or as a self-employed consultant.


A sustainable society 

A Society believes in a future with a clear environmental awareness where organizations take responsibility for their emissions and work actively to reduce these.

A Society must contribute to a minimal environmental impact and to an increased environmental awareness among employees. A Society shall make use of efficient and sustainable energy use, optimal resource consumption and encourage transport with minimal environmental impact.